Thursday, April 10, 2014

SimpliSafe Compared with the Industry Leader FrontPoint
If your family and home are important to you then FrontPoint Security is the answer to your home security needs. The marketplace is filled with competitors like SimpliSafe and a host of other home protection companies but simple comparisons will show FrontPoint Security is an undisputed leader in the industry.

Let's look at the Facts
FrontPoint Security and other companies in the field provide home security systems that are 100% wireless in design and function. The wireless model is the industry's preferred choice over more traditional alarm control panels. Older control panels that are not wireless are totally dependent on phone lines to transmit alarms to monitoring centers. If you are not using a wireless home security system it's like inviting intruders into your home. A thief needs only to cut the phone lines into your home to avoid system alarms. It's like leaving your door wide open.

The Wireless Trend
FrontPoint Security and companies like SimpliSafe have replaced the traditional home security control panel with models that are totally wireless. In order to ensure a continuous connection to their monitoring stations both companies include back-up batteries in the event of a power outage.

But this is where comparisons end. Consumers familiar with wireless home security equipment from companies like SimpliSafe complain about the quality of their wireless components describing them as sub-standard.

FrontPoint Security, on the other hand, delivers consumer confidence with top of the line wireless equipment. While both companies employ standard control panels in their security systems, the type and quality of control panel remains the discriminating factor.

FrontPoint Security utilizes GE Security wireless equipment with the superior GE Simon XT control panel. SimpliSafe, in contrast, uses their own, less reputable company version.

FrontPoint has additional punch
What distinguishes FrontPoint Security from its competitors is their added system features. FrontPoint uses touch screen panels that can be placed in any location of your home. The screens are user friendly and particularly effective when placed inside the front door or a bedroom. The easy to navigate menu provides a list of system settings for homeowners to select while entering or exiting their homes. FrontPoint also takes good advantage of smartphone technology. Competitors like SimpliSafe have cellular monitoring but with far less options than FrontPoint.

A Smartphone app from FrontPoint Security enables users:

To secure or open the main doors of your home from a remote location.

To permit entry for someone visiting your Home.

The ability to monitor sensors door and window when triggered.

Provides video footage of inside and outside your home in those areas where cameras have been placed.

Details the history of your entire system's security activity.

A Smartphone app from FrontPoint Security can be directed by its user to send video clips of all persons Entering your Home.

The cellular connections provided by SimpliSafe are limited in comparison. They allow only for an alarm be transmitted to its central monitoring station. That alone is the extent of their cellular abilities.

FrontPoint plays a fully supportive role
In today's home security market, wireless security systems are designed for easy, do it yourself installation. No need for drilling holes or major renovation work. While competitors like SimpliSafe provide DIY systems as well, they fail to measure up to FrontPoint's commitment to service. Even though, FrontPoint systems are easy to install, assistance is always available for all installations. If age or handicap impedes installation FrontPoint security consultants are ready to serve.

FrontPoint also offers a comprehensive 2 year warranty package on all components.

The Final Say
It is true that home security companies like SimpliSafe provide wireless home protection. The basic products and services provided by SimpliSafe simply lack the outstanding quality and workmanship of FrontPoint home security systems. These are the factors that inspire confidence and trust in an industry leader. FrontPoint Security continues to lead the way.

For more information on the wireless GE Security system contact FrontPoint Security toll free at 844-277-3015 or visit their website. FrontPoint shipping is only a day away compliments of FedEx.


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  2. I can't say whether this is a fair comparison or not, but it is written in a way which gives the impression that the reviewer is biased towards FrontPoint and/or against SimpliSafe. The "advantages" of FrontPoint are described so generically, that it "sounds" like an ad for them, not an honest comparison. Going to their web site, the descriptions again seem disturbingly short of details.

    And even if FrontPoint is a better system, which this "review" does not convince me is the case, there is no indication of relative price. This is key; a system which is somewhat better yet much higher priced may or may not meet each person's requirements. Be advised that FrontPoint hides their pricing behind a "free quote" system, which requires you to enter in your full name, email and phone number in order to access pricing, which may result in unwanted solicitations. I was not able to find out the equipment price, but I finally found the monitoring costs, and they are twice that of SimpliSafe, each and every month. Can you easily and cheaply switch planes? How does their equipment cost compare? I don't know, nor can I tell if you can customize the contents of your package or have to settle for one of a "standard set" of packages.

    Also, the reviewer's technical grasp appears to be questionable. The term "wireless", when applied to alarm systems, has nothing to do with how the signal is sent to the monitoring service. The wireless aspect is how the components of the alarm system communicate among themselves. The old standard had wires running everywhere, from sensor to control panel to control pad to alert signals, and was difficult to install (cleanly). A wireless system has each component communicating via open air transmission rather than over wires. This is much easier to install, and modify. The down side is that each component either has to have a battery and/or be plugged into a wall outlet.

    A system which communicates with the monitoring service via a cellular signal is generally more secure than one which utilizes an easily cut land line, but these systems are not called "wireless" systems. They generally do not have a specific name; the cellular connection is usually one of the features listed.

    I have SimpliSafe, and I find them to be an excellent value. Yes, there are features I would like which are not (yet) offered. But I have yet to find one whose services are as reasonably priced. Would I consider FrontPoint? Not after looking at their web site, and seeing how the information that I consider critical is "hidden" or just not available. Plus having to enter my information just to attempt to find out the details is obnoxious to me.

    1. That's how I felt when I looked them up and read this " review ". Thank you for your comment.

    2. That's how I felt when I looked them up and read this " review ". Thank you for your comment.

  3. Thank you for the information. You have a very good article. I found it informative and useful. Keep up the good work and God bless!


  4. Be careful with SimpliSafe. can do just about anything you want...for the right monthly fee.

    Their commercials say you can use it as a stand alone system or with cell service monitoring for only $14.95/month. This is true, but's not the most user friendly system when viewing the keypad, especially if you have a lot of sensors.

    I called to ask if there is a way to name the contacts. There isn't, unless you are willing to pay for monthly service. OK, I thought. $14,95/mo is pretty reasonable. name the components you have to pay more.

    $25/month to get the name of an open door or window to display on the keypad. That's as nuts as the $30/month rate they complain about in their commercials.

    This is supposed to be a safe, easy to use, and economical security system. I know they need to make money, but $25/month so you can see the name of the door or window that isn't closed? That's unreasonable.

    If SimpliSafe works for you, great. But, I wanted to share my experience with you in hopes that you will go into the process knowing that if you end up with something like 1VXFG2 on your keypad, you'll probably be as annoyed as I was.

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